Bespoke Features
Wooden bridge over pond ( aquapic)


The vista in this garden was completely opened up by removing an obscuring shrub border and installing a bespoke bridge.

Additional planting and a comprehensive lighting scheme enhances the whole garden, and a UV and skimmer system maintains water clarity.

Design Project Management Pumps: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install Water Plants: Supply and Plant Lighting: Supply / Install

Brimming Water Feature ( aquapic))


A self-contained brimming trough, and the smaller spouting feature shown below it, were custom designed to suit a period property with its contemporary garden and rustic walling boundaries.

The constant movement of the jets generates soothing sounds to help mask the noise of a nearby road.

The heavy-duty metalwork is bespoke welded to size, with a carefully created finish that looks almost like lead.

We added integral lighting to the jets on a more recent model.

The triple jets in the upper tray brim over into a hidden reservoir. The pump is operated by remote control. Every size is designed to order.

These features are ideal where a pond is impractical. Contact Us to discuss a design suited to your situation.

Design Project Manage Pumps: Supply / Install
Rectangular trough with water spout ( aquapic)

The simple lines of the rectangular tank compliment the aged stonework, whilst the pouring spout creates reflective ripples in the water below

Rectangular tank fed by three water spouts  ( Livingcolourgardens, with permission)

Three spouts emerge from the back wall, pouring gently into the trough below, whilst lush planting on all sides of the feature add to the coolness in this urban oasis; a retreat from the city summer. (Garden Design: James Walsh, London)


Classical Fountain Ornament Feature ( aquapic)
Design Project Manage


This custom-made stainless-steel fish grille keeps ornamental fish inside a spring-fed pool (shown drained for fitting). We can often design and supply bespoke items to suit unusual situations.


This old circular pond has been re-plumbed with a new period fountain, a reliable and quiet-running submersible pump, and a submersible filter unit for green water control.

Project Oversight Pump: Supply / Install Service
Stainless Fish Grille ( aquapic)

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