Formal Ponds
Classical formal cascades ( aquapic)

This design was developed from an initial sketch stage through to detailed construction plans for the builders

The concrete framework is lined with a flexible waterproof membrane for longevity. Stone & brick give a smart and durable surface finish

One of the draft sketches
Concrete framework ( aquapic)


Classical style, with clean crisp cascades, shimmering reflections and solid stone finishes

All pumps, filters and top-up facilities are concealed.

Design Project Oversight Liner: Supply / Install Pump: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install Annual Service
Detailed construction plans
Firestone rubber liner between geotextile felt ( aquapic)

Formal Pond  aquapic


The brickwork has been chosen to match the adjacent home, while waterspouts and short rills add lively movement, sounds and reflections. 

This pond is shown before planting took place.

Design Project Oversight Pump: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install

In 2016 we completed two separate formal pool projects involving rills and will be updating with pictures once the plantings have established. Please enquire if you are considering this type of feature and wish to see the   part-completed photographs.

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