Semi-Formal Pools
Cascade Pools with Railway Sleepers  aquapic


This design was constructed using railway sleepers as a softer and more natural alternative to walling, helping the pool to blend with the surrounding shrubs and foliage.

The slate cascade chute directs a stream of water to a lower pool. Concealed lighting extends the use of this garden into the evening

Rock Cascade Pools  aquapic

Water splashes spring-like from the rocks into an informal lower pool, running over stones to a stream descending the garden.

The gentle water movement helps mask the sound of distant traffic.

Pump and filter systems are all concealed. The pool edge is livened by ferns, marsh marigolds, striking water iris, and bold foliage plants.

Design Project Management Liner: Supply / Install Pump: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install Water Plants: Supply / Install Lighting: Supply / Install Annual Service

Semi-formal pool  aquapic
Design Project Oversight Liner: Supply / Install Pump: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install


Water plants and fish flourish in this sunny corner of a garden. The wide coping provides a pleasant place to sit and admire the lily blooms and fish

Raised pools bring water closer to the eye, and create interest in an otherwise flat area. Stepping stones lead over this pool

Raised pool with stepping stones  aquapic
Design Project Management Liner: Supply Pump: Supply / Install Water Plants: Supply / Install Fish: Supply / Introduce Lighting: Supply / Install Service

SealEco EPDM rubber lining to canal   ( aquapic)


We adapted the landscape architect’s design for this impressive Dutch-style ornamental canal, and assisted the customer’s builders with the lining - fabricated into one-piece 60m long.

A neat trim was added to the top edge and an automatic top-up system using stored rainwater.

Dutch-style classical ornamental canal   ( aquapic)

The pond has been stocked with container-grown waterlilies plus a selection of marginal plants at each end for decoration and to give cover to wildlife.

Design Project Oversight Water Plants: Supply

Partly raised koi pool with cotswold walling, stainless cascade, and waterplants ( aquapic)


A focal point of a complete garden makeover, this state of the art koi pond (30,000 litres/6,500 gallons) is over two metres deep.

Cotswold walling matches the rest of the property and the wide sandstone coping gives an ideal seating/viewing area for the koi. The stainless steel cascade and semi-formal outline are softened by marginals and waterlilies which have been carefully protected from the attentions of the fish.

The robust structure has a rubber liner sandwiched in concrete, with base and side drains, surface skimming, and auto-top-up. It is filtered by a remotely sited ‘SuperBead’ unit with fully automatic backwash, and an Oase self-cleaning BitronEco UV unit.

Design Project Management Liner: Supply  & Install Pump: Supply / Install Water Plants: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install Lighting: Supply / Install Service
SuperBead filter with auto-valve and timer ( aquapic)

Spring-fed pool following refurbishment ( aquapic)

Pool before refurbishment ( aquapic)


The above spring-fed pond was remodelled with a new decorative stone wall, bridge, and plants

Project Management Water Plants: Supply and Install Service


A chunky cascade and splashing jet fountain provide an immediate point of interest for visitors arriving at the property. The pool margins are now planted with irises and reeds, framing the lilies and shoals of red goldfish.

Construction process ( aquapic)

The pond is waterproofed by a giant, one-piece ‘Firestone’ rubber liner, protected with geotextile felt and concrete.


Feature pond with cascade and fountain - before planting ( aquapic)
Design Project Oversight Pump: Supply / Install Filter: Supply / Install Water Plants: Supply Lighting: Supply / Install


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