Technical Advice
pool construction diagram

Detailing for pool construction

pond reseal with dual layer pool paint  ( aquapic)

Pond Sealant Options

Weir pool with sleeper falls  ( aquapic)

Liaison with government agencies i.e. on design for a small weir pond on a stream running through a client’s garden

Technical advice on design and planting for this campus pool feature

Technical Advice and Troubleshooting

... for homeowners, landscape and garden designers, architects, building firms and others. Professional services for your watergarden projects, either at the early stages or on finished schemes.

Services include:


  • Construction detailing to achieve desired results
  • Pump and plumbing schemes for cascades and fountains
  • Filtration to match the site requirements
  • Sourcing specialist supplies

Problem Solving

  • Pinpointing leaks
  • Overhauling under-performing filtration systems
  • Repairing or renewing aged features
  • Controlling sources of water pollution

Plants and Fish

  • The best plants for decorative or wildlife ponds
  • Introducing fish (with health certification and permissions where necessary)
  • Invasive plant issues

Technical Reports

  • Annual health surveys for e.g. communal ponds
  • Water quality
  • Algae control options

We also have lots of useful information in our FAQ section

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Campus_pool  ( aquapic)


Find out more about our Fish Health services

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