Fish Vats
Temporary Fish holding Vats  ( aquapic)


Any pond might eventually require draining and cleaning. Vats allow us to temporarily store fish. We can supply them with aeration, filtration and heating when required. This hire service is only available whilst we carry out other work for you in our local area. If you need to purchase a vat, you could try here.


N.B. Releasing exotic fish or plants into open waters, rivers and lakes can cause environmental problems and is illegal. We follow a code to minimise such risks.

Pools are usually drained down to facilitate the netting and movement of fish with the minimum of stress.

Handling of fish is best avoided during cold weather (below 8-10deg C) and during the hottest summer conditions.

small holding vat  ( aquapic)
Draining a fish pond to allow fish removal  ( aquapic)

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