Technical Advice
pool construction diagram

Detailing for pool construction

pond reseal with dual layer pool paint  ( aquapic)

Pond Sealant Options

Weir pool with sleeper falls  ( aquapic)

Liaison with government agencies i.e. on design for a small weir pond on a stream running through a client’s garden

Technical Advice and Troubleshooting

... for homeowners; landscape architects and garden designers; architects; building firms, and others. Professional services for your watergarden projects, either at the early stages or on finished schemes.

Services include:


  • Construction detailing to achieve desired results
  • Pump and plumbing schemes for cascades and fountains
  • Filtration matched to the site requirements
  • Sourcing specialist supplies

Problem Solving

  • Pinpointing leaks
  • Overhauling under-performing filtration systems
  • Repairing or renewing aged features
  • Controlling sources of water pollution

Plants and Fish

  • The best plants for decorative or wildlife ponds
  • Introducing fish (with health certification and permissions where necessary)
  • Invasive plant issues

Technical Reports

  • New Owner Report: A review of the water features on your new property
  • Water quality
  • Algae control options

We also have lots of useful information in our FAQ section

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“thank you for your professional advice and supplying the pond items... I fitted the liner and pipe yesterday and it all went very well”

Unsolicited comment from a Building Contractor

Technical advice on design and planting for this campus pool feature

Campus_pool  ( aquapic)

Find out more about our Fish Health services

or see some answers to Frequently Asked Questions


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