Technical Advice
pool construction diagram

Detailing for pool construction on a complex multi-pond water feature with cascade

pond reseal with dual layer pool paint  ( aquapic)

Pond Sealant Options

Weir pool with sleeper falls  ( aquapic)

Liaison with government agencies i.e. on design for a small weir pond on a stream running through a client’s garden


Plumbing diagrams and filter specifications

Consultancy and Technical Advice

... for landscape architects; garden designers; architects; building firms; homeowners etc. Consultancy on your watergarden project, either at the early stages, or on finished schemes. Water Garden Solutions’ Principal has over 30 years extensive experience based on numerous water feature, filtration, and horticultural projects

Services include:


  • Construction detailing to achieve desired results
  • Pump and plumbing schemes for cascades and fountains
  • Filtration matched to the site requirements
  • Specifying and sourcing specialist supplies

Problem Solving

  • Pinpointing leaks (see our FAQ section)
  • Improving under-performing filtration systems
  • Design solutions for tricky sites
  • Controlling sources of water pollution

Plants and Fish

  • The best plants for decorative or wildlife ponds
  • Advice on fish
  • Invasive plant issues

Technical Reports

  • New-Owner Report: A full review of the inherited water features on your new property
  • Water quality reports and recommendations
  • Algae control options

Design at a Distance

We prefer local work where we can easily visit projects. however, following Covid, we have undertaken a number of design projects for customers in other parts of the UK, who we were unable to visit. The customers provided ground plans and photographs, and we supplied detailed annotated plans for their builders with full specifications for equipment and suggested suppliers. The work is supplied at our hourly consultancy rate. We have very limited slots each year for this type of work.

Your plans are very clear and concise... the pond is looking exactly how we would like it to be.


We can often find innovative ways to deal with issues that come up on site, for both new-build and existing features. We have solved many problems, but we can’t work miracles, and if we can’t help, we’ll be up front about that. Correcting major issues is often expensive, and problems can often be avoided, with lower costs, if we can be involved at an early stage in the design process.

We also have lots of useful information in our FAQ section

Contact Us to discuss your project, or to arrange a consultancy visit - on-site where possible.

thank you for your professional advice and supplying the pond items... I fitted the liner and pipe yesterday and it all went very well

Unsolicited comments from customers

Campus_pool  ( aquapic)

Detailed plans and specifications for this owner-built formal goldfish pond with filtration, cascade, and lighting

Technical advice on design and planting for this campus pool feature

Find out more about our Fish Health services

or see some answers to Frequently Asked Questions


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