Fish Health
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Happy and healthy fish add extra life, colour, interest and movement to the pond.

In a well balanced and properly maintained pool, fish diseases are uncommon. If a fish health problem does occur, it may only be noticed at an advanced stage. Prompt action can help avoid the issue becoming more severe.

Take a little time when looking at your pond, or feeding fish, to become accustomed to the typical behaviour of your fish. This is very useful, as you will then be more aware of any unusual behaviour, and rapidly alerted to any possible problems.

Poor water quality is often at the root of fish health issues (see our advice sheet “Help! My Fish Are Unwell”). We prefer to carry out investigations and tests on-site where possible, to highlight any underlying issues. This will help inform any recommendations for treatment, where required.

We have extensive experience of fish husbandry and can advise on common fish health problems and related water quality issues.

on-site water tests  ( aquapic)

A ten-point on-site water test can highlight most common water quality issues

microscope  ( aquapic)

On-site fish checks and microscopic examination of skin or gill mucus can reveal common parasite infections or environmental damage

If you are experiencing problems with your fish, please Contact Us to discuss the best way forward, and if necessary we can arrange an appointment to visit.

See some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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