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An existing pond - brought to life with lush planting, darting fish and a filtration system to keep the water fresh and reflective.

The deck provides an ideal viewing point for the shoals of golden orfe & koi.

planting plan

Planting Plan


Careful selection of plants in and around this clay-lined lake made the very best use of British native varieties. These stabilise the bank, attract wildlife, maintain water quality and add structure and colour.

We recommended silt control measures, and obtained the necessary permissions and health-checks to introduce fish.


We follow guidelines to help prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants

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Lake planting with native Nymphaea alba  aquapic

Nymphaea 'Gladstoniana'   aquapic
Nymphaea 'Laydekeri Rosea Prolifera'   aquapic


Whether you are looking for a particular waterlily, a specific marginal or moisture loving plant, a tropical lily for your conservatory, or quantities of British native varieties - our links with a number of UK specialist growers allows us to source plants not normally found in garden centres. Contact Us with your queries.

Marsh Marigold/Kingcup, Caltha_palustris  aquapic

Wildlife-friendly-pond_0247  ( aquapic)


This sloping garden was transformed with a wildlife-friendly pond. It’s a focal point in the garden, seen from nearby windows, and also has a wide accessible viewing point. It has attracted a wide range of wildlife including at least five species of dragonfly.

Cotswold wall on the pool's lower side ( aquapic)

Cotswold Retaining Wall

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Informal Rock Edge Pond_3304  ( aquapic)


This substantial rock-edged pond, with a small cascade and a natural rock-slab viewing point, was created in a new garden. Less than two years after planting, the pond is already giving a good show.

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Lake-planting before and after_3355 ( aquapic)
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LAKE PLANTING - A clay-lined pond planted with attractive and wildlife-friendly varieties

boulder edged pond with waterfall_3487-2 ( aquapic)

BOULDER-EDGED PONDS with linking waterfall and restrained planting for a Japanese theme garden

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Waterlilies_colourful waterlilies in a garden pond_3484-101  ( aquapic)


Waterlilies make a big splash in any size of water feature, from a tub to a lake, with their dramatic blooms in a wide range of colours and forms. Once established, the flowers can give a good show from June until September, year on year. As specialists, we take care in choosing the most appropriate sizes and colours of waterlily to suit each individual project, and plant them to give best results.

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