Natural Filtration
koi pool before refurbishment ( aquapic)


koi pool after installation of new plant filter bed at far end of pond ( aquapic)


A Natural Plant-Filter Bed was added to the 130,000 litre (28,000 gallon) koi pond shown above and solved the cloudy water problems whilst also improving conditions for the large collection of ornamental carp.

22,000 gallon pool kept clear by plant-filter bed ( aquapic)
plant filter bed ( aquapic)

This large pool (left) was given a makeover with a fresh planting scheme and a plant filter bed (shown above with deck path), and has continued to keep the pool healthy and clear for over 15 years in spite of increasing fish stocks

Conventional “off the shelf” filters can sometimes struggle to provide effective, affordable and aesthetic solutions on very large ponds.

Our carefully designed filter beds use a combination of specialist aggregates, water plants, specific pump flow-rates and sediment-removal facilities to purify the water naturally and give reliable long-term results with low maintenance. We supplement with UV units where appropriate. These designs can also be adapted for use in swimming ponds.

Plant-filter bed shortly after completion ( aquapic)
lake with addition of marginal plants and native lilies ( aquapic)

The plant beds which filter a 33,000 gallon (150,000 litre) koi and goldfish pond

Whether on a large scale, like the clay-lined lake shown left, or on a small town garden pond, natural processes can be drawn on, to maintain clear and healthy pool conditions.

Pumps and filters are not a necessity in every situation. In a well designed pond, careful planting, nutrient limitation, routine maintenance, and use of biological remediation products where appropriate, can give very good results with only minor seasonal fluctuations.

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