Curtain waterfall and water iris ( aquapic)


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Powerful submersible pumps supply a constant flow to this eye-catching curtain waterfall.

All sizes of equipment are dealt with, from large cascade and stream pumps through to filter, fountain and small water feature pumps

Floating fountain

Moving water adds life to any garden, with soothing splashes and reflective ripples.

We take care to choose the right pump for each situation, matching the volume and pressure required to create the best impression with reliable results.

Using quality brands gives longer pump lifespan, reduced maintenance and lower running costs. Appropriate strainers and plumbing accessories also help to maximise pump output.

Large cascade stream  ( aquapic)


Compact features bring the sight and sound of moving water to all sizes of gardens. They are an ideal option where young children might make a pond less suitable.

Small pumps are hidden in the underground reservoirs. Ornaments are sourced from a wide range of suppliers to find the right match for each project. We can also supply bespoke water troughs.

Self-contained terazzo fountain  ( aquapic)
Stainless steel fountain ornament  ( aquapic)

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