Filtration Equipment
Aerator stone in a lake ( aquapic)


In addition to pumps and filters, we can source airpumps, skimmers, UVs and a range of other useful equipment for ponds.

The lake shown on the left is aerated by a quiet and efficient airpump, sited remotely. The steady stream of airbubbles benefit the fish with extra oxygen in the summer months. Aeration can also improve conditions in stagnant or sediment-laden waters.

A surface skimmer (below) can help remove floating debris and duckweed. It also promotes sparkling clarity of the water surface in reflecting ponds, koi pools, and swimming ponds.

Surface skimmer ( aquapic)

UV (Ultra-Violet) Units are part of the armoury to control green-water algae and are often used in conjunction with other forms of filtration.

These safely and efficiently aid water clarity without the need for chemicals.


UV unit showing lamp and quartz sleeve ( aquapic)
Multiple UV unit ( aquapic)

Multiple UV units can be plumbed together to suit larger ponds and lakes. Newer units incorporate multiple, long-life lamps, with auto-cleaning quartz sleeves and electronic management, for optimal control of green water algae whilst reducing electrical consumption.

UV plumbing diagram

SIEVES are excellent at removing large debris and suspended scum from koi ponds and swimming ponds and are often used as a pre-filter before biological filtration.

Copper Dosing Device
Sieve unit ( aquapic)

DOSING DEVICES add a constant low level of copper or chlorine/bromine to the water, helpful where control of stubborn algae is necessary.

We prefer natural options wherever possible, but these units are an alternative e.g. in fountain features or where there are few plants or fish.

Find out more about Natural Filtration for large pools

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