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We offer advice to architects, designers, builders, homeowners and contractors, ideally from the early stages of a project but also on finished schemes. We can help with specifications, design, pumps & plumbing, planting, filtration.


Happy and healthy fish add life, colour, interest and extra movement to any pond. In a well balanced and maintained pond, fish diseases are uncommon. If they do occur, prompt action will prevent the issue becoming more severe.

Pause and take time when looking at your pond or feeding fish. You’ll become aware of the typical behaviour of your fish, and more able to pick up on unusual behaviour that could signal possible issues.

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Water quality problems are often at the root of fish health and other pond issues. We can carry out a ten-point on-site water test to highlight any specific items and guide recommendations for the best way forward. On-site microscopic examination of fish mucus can also pinpoint common parasites and ensure that appropriate treatments are used.

See our advice page on fish problems

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The company Principal, James Allison, is a popular lecturer giving fully illustrated presentations on water gardening and related technical topics. Past audiences include The Royal Horticultural Society, The English Gardening School, and The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society, alongside numerous local gardening groups. See the Lectures page on our desktop site for further details or use the Contact Us link below to discuss possible future lecturing engagements.

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