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planted-pond with deck, planted lake ( aquapic)

INFORMAL POOLS: An existing pond was brought to life with lush planting, darting fish and a filtration system to keep the water fresh and reflective. The deck provides a great view of the shoals of golden orfe & koi.

WILDLIFE PONDS (inset above): Careful selection of plants in and around this clay-lined lake made the very best use of British native varieties. These stabilise the bank, attract wildlife, maintain water quality and add structure and colour.

raised-pool with seating edge and stepping stones ( aquapic)

SEMI FORMAL PONDS: Raised pools bring water closer to the eye, provide seating, and create added interest in an otherwise flat area. Stepping stones lead over this pool

Cotswold raised koi pool with stainless cascade ( aquapic)

KOI POND: A focal point of a complete garden makeover, this partly-raised state of the art koi pond (30,000 litres/6,500 gallons) is over two metres deep.

Cotswold walling matches the rest of the property. The stainless steel cascade (lit at night) and semi-formal outline are softened by marginals and waterlilies which have been carefully protected from the attentions of the fish.

The robust structure has a rubber liner sandwiched in concrete, with base and side drains, surface skimming, and auto-top-up. It is filtered by a remotely sited filtration unit with fully automatic backwash, and an Oase self-cleaning BitronEco UV unit.

Formal stone-edged pond with cascades and rill ( aquapic)

FORMAL PONDS: Classical style, with clean crisp cascades, shimmering reflections and solid stone finishes

We worked with the customer and their builders to create this pool from initial design through to completion. All pumps, filters and top-up facilities are concealed.

Brimming-Tank with three LED -lit spouts ( aquapic)

BESPOKE WATER FEATURES: We have designed unique items for our customers’ gardens - such as this self-contained brimming trough with its constantly moving jets generating soothing sounds.

The heavy-duty metalwork is welded to size, with a carefully created zinc finish that looks almost like lead.

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Circular pond with stone coping and  rill_3307s ( aquapic)

RILLS: Rills are popular in both formal and semi-formal settings; period and contemporary; and create bold lines of reflective water in the landscape.



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