We have answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about ponds shown below.

These are on our desktop site, and should be easier to read on mobile units if you turn your screen sideways.


How can I attract wildlife to my pond?

My waterlilies are not flowering properly?

When and how should I feed my fish?

What should I do if my pond has frozen?

Dealing with blanketweed/scum algae?

How expensive are ponds to install/run?

Why has my pond gone green?

Protecting my pondfish from herons?

Is my pond leaking?

My pond has a power cut?

When should I clean out my pond?

My pump has stopped working?

How can I make my pond safe?

What can I do if my fish are sick/dying?

I need to rehome my fish?

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News, Comment, Hints and Tips are also available in our Currents’ NewsBlog including articles on preparing your pond for Autumn, Otter Problems, Duckweed caused by Phosphates.

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